Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hello! Wow, it's been a while since I posted. We're finally all settled into our new house in Madison, NH and we LOVE it. I'll post some pictures of the interior soon. 

It's funny the first two things that Josh and I set up at the house was our bar and our fire pit. Josh got really crafty and made the fire pit so we're able to put our cast iron skill/griddle over part of the fire so we can cook! One of the first nights here we marinated some chicken and we had grilled chicken and roasted corn.

Our Fire Pit

Food! Cocktails!


Blackberry Collins
One thing we're really loving about our new house is our goal to eat healthier and buying much more local produce and meat. We've been shopping at Sherman Farm farmers market which has products not only from their farm but a bunch of other local farms all in one place, plus the most delicious chocolate milk you'll ever have. 

We've also been experimenting with new cocktails, one of our favorite past times. We love looking through old cocktail books and trying out old drinks. I'll be updating again soon with some cool cocktails!

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